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At Infinite Vibe Productions, we have DJ’s for any type of venue or occasion. With our wide range of Disc Jockey Services, and Custom DJ Packages, we make your event a flawless and elegant affair to remember.

Everything we offer is as Customized as our Playlists

We want you to enjoy your event to the max, so we begin our DJ Planning by inquiring about your specific music tastes and preferences, average age of your guests, censored or explicit tracks, dance music or hip-hop, 30% Top 40 and 70% Other etc.  This is an important part of the consultation process, and ensures zero hindrance as the hours tick closer to your occasion.  With your assistance, our professionals will create a personalized package to make your event a huge smash!

Also, with state-of-the-art lighting and A/V to set the perfect ambiance, and a team of top entertainers, musicians, and MCs to set the right mood, we can assist you with creating a dream event that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

“When we booked DJ Manetta we weren’t sure about the style of music he would play because our crowd was mixed with young and old guests. When I saw to my amazement,  both age groups bumping and grinding to a Billie Jean dubstep remix, I knew we picked the right guy for the job!”                                                                                        – Norm G. Corporate Client

Dj Manetta

DJ Manetta  is founder and CEO of Infinite Vibe Productions. Obviously, as head DJ, he is always in high demand! To make sure you get DJ Manetta at your event, please be sure to book at least 4-6 weeks in advance. If DJ Manetta is not personally available the day you request, don’t fret because we have several other incredible entertainers lined up to make your party special!

DJ Night Flyer feat. DJ Manetta

DJ Night Flyer feat. DJ Manetta

DJ manetta collage

DJ Manetta Collage

dj am 13

MCing a gala

dj am6

MJ Night

DJ Manetta does his thing @ Spring Fling -Hudson's Bay Company

DJ Manetta does his thing @ Spring Fling -Hudson’s Bay Company


Banner for DJ Manetta’s Thirsty Thursdays


Giant Tiger’s 50th!


Late Night Set @ The Guv

Dj Vortsman

Co-Founder DJ Vortsman is in extremely high demand this time of year! If you’d like to reserve him for your next event please do so 4-6 weeks in advance.


DJ Vortsman

Specializing in Electro, Top 40, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, and Real-time remixing, DJ Vortsman is one of Toronto’s hottest DJ’s on the scene right now!

Mike Leithal

DJ Mike Leithal is our flagship EDM DJ.



Mike Leithal – Electro/House DJ


For more info on Mike Leithal please see our Contact Page and request a quote for a Leithal Party!

Club DJ, EDM, Top 40, any genre dj

Club DJing  is a fine art. Most people don’t realize how much mixing, looping, cutting, fading, sampling, special effects, and knob twisting is actually involved in a good club mix!


The sweet sounds of turntables scratching out a harmonious rhythm. Sounds so smooth you may think it’s being done by a piano, but rest assured the fine art of turntablism can be quite jaw dropping when witnessed for the 1st time.

list of All infinite vibe djs

List of all DJ’s

Aaron Manett (DJ Manetta) CEO & Head Disc Jockey

Jonathan Vortsman (DJ Vortsman) Co-founder & Head DJ

John Urman (DJ Johnny Boy) Head of Karaoke & Tech Services

Mike Leithal (DJ Leithal) EDM/House Music Specialist

Rebecca Raisman (DJ Rise) Vocalist/Hip Hop DJ

Jordan Kochberg (DJ Kwiddo) Top 40 Specialist & Freestyler

Fahad Siddiqui (DJ Farr) International Music Specialist & DJ

Aaron Steward (MC Stewie) Private Party & Planning Services

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