Canada Wedding DJs: Industry Leaders and innovators

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life.  No do-overs, whoops, or wasted seconds are acceptable for this very special day. At Canada Wedding DJ’S, our wedding specialists thrive under these conditions.

Canada Wedding DJ’S has been a leader in wedding entertainment since 2001. With our wide range of exceptional audio/video services, pre-wedding planning strategies, and attention to detail, we make your wedding a flawless and elegant, fully choreographed affair that you never thought possible.

Canada Wedding DJ's

Canada Wedding DJ’s

We want you to enjoy all the fun aspects of planning your special day with us by creating an open dialogue prior to your wedding.  You, after all, deserve to feel like the guest of honor throughout your day, and not like a nervous wedding planner having to keep track of everything. Let us offer you that peace of mind!   With your assistance, we will create a personalized Wedding Package to make your day picture perfect.

“Hi Aaron, wjust wanted thank you for your DJ services at our wedding on May 12th. You did an excellent job and everyone commented on how great all the music was. The dinner music between speeches was absolutely perfect and the dance music in the evening was fantastic!” 

           – Darlene & Mike, Toronto, ON.  


Once In A Lifetime

Canada Wedding DJ'S

Getting In The Groove

You may ask: “Why would I hire a live performer to play/sing my bridal songs for my wedding, rather than play them from a CD/IPOD?’

Simply put, your Wedding Ceremony is a once in a lifetime event that you will always remember as special, whimsical, and with magic in the air. After all the rehearsal and preparation for that moment you want to ensure everything is in perfect balance for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy, rather than focus on unexpected hiccups that can occur otherwise.

Tried Tested and True…Infinite Vibe always come through!


Huge Smiles Are A Given! :)

Wedding Music that is performed live always sounds more sincere and engaging when compared to a cheesy ipod on shuffle. Worse yet, in this do or die moment of the event, don’t open up possibilities like a laptop battery dying, a scratched CD or a malfunctioning ipod or track that for some reason wont load on cue. Leave it to IVP to take the guess work out of what will be the most eventful few hours of your life. The ceremonial magic is created by the mesmerizing live acoustics. Your guests should be spellbound while watching the aisle walkdowns with the sweet sounds and important gestures reverberating in their minds well after the ceremony is over. Let the music for your wedding follow you.

It’s all about rhythm and timing…


Canada Wedding DJ’s Having Fun at Tina & Jon’s Wedding

It can be difficult to arrange your steps and timing when walking down the isle towards the celebrant, even if you rehearse a million times. CD’s and MP3’s require you to follow the pre-arranged music rather than allowing the music of a live performer to follow you. A live performer will watch your steps and arrange the music to flow with you and come to a smooth finish.

Infinite Vibe Productions has impeccable choreography and musical arrangements with fluent synchronicity as you approach your groom to be in a perfect harmony. The bottom line is Infinite Vibe Productions get you the exact results you want on the biggest day of your life.

Cocktail Hour Performers

With Canada Wedding DJ’S you can choose from a wide array of cocktail performers to warm up your crowd!


Cocktail Piano Player




String Quartets



Flute and Clarinet


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You are one step away from the wedding reception of your dreams! For your free wedding quotation please fill out our Contact Form so we can get a better idea how to approach your special day. Be sure to include additional comments in the space provided so we can start off on exactly the same page!

Your Dream Wedding Awaits...

Your Dream Wedding Awaits…

Customized Packages

Customize Your Wedding with any combination of the following services:

DJ Services (One, two, or three DJ’s per event may be booked.)

P/A  Setups, Sound Stages, Area Up Lighting

Emceeing Services 

Live Musician/Live Band Services 

Lighting, LED, Special Effects

Specialty Performers (cocktail music, celebrity or novelty guests.)


Specialized Instrument Combos (Saxaphonist, Flautist, Clarinet.)

Full Event Production 

Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wedding is coming up, how do I know if you’re available?

A:  Call our head office to check availability ASAP!   We offer “full day” exclusively to our clients, so it is important to call and make sure we have DJ’S/Bands available to book that day! Booking well in advance is common to reserve a popular Wedding DJ.  Our Wedding Booking Line is:  (416) 856.4446

Q: What if I need to book you last minute?

A: As long as you give at least 48 hours notice, we can book an event for you, though full day exclusivity will not be guaranteed.

Q: How do I book you now that I’ve decided to go with you?

A: The booking is completed with a deposit that can be paid in cash, check, e-mail money transfer, (or) PayPal.  Once you decide  to book with us we require a 20% minimum deposit to reserve your event day.

Q: When do I pay the remaining balance?

A: The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the date of your event unless otherwise arranged with your Host.  Cash and interac e-mail money transfers are acceptable forms of payment for day of event payment. Any late payments will incur penalties.

Q: Can my guests request songs during an event?

A: Absolutely. People can request as many songs as they wish unless “NO REQUESTS” is specifically insisted upon by the booking party or bride/groom.

Q: How do I set-up a consultation, is there a charge?

A: Contact Canada Wedding DJ’s and we will set-up an appointment to accommodate your schedule with our Free Event Estimate Service.

Q: What is discussed at a consultation?

A: We will discusses every aspect of the event with you from A-Z. We go over a DJ/Live Band questionnaire, booking agreement, and address all your major questions at this time.  Depending on which services you require, we will provide you a full breakdown and unique pricing.

Q: How do I send my song requests to Canada Wedding DJ’s?

A: All song requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your Wedding Day via the Wedding DJ Questionnaire where you will fill out other detailed information like Itinerary, Guest Info, Order Of Events, Special Requests, etc.

Q: Do you have back-up equipment?

A: Absolutely.  We don’t leave anything to chance. We have several  back-up systems in place as well as a back-up DJs if need be.  Rest assured with Canada Wedding DJ’s that your celebration will be hiccup free!

Q: What does the banquet hall/venue need to provide you with?

A: All the banquet hall needs to provide us with is an electrical outlet and a table at least 6 feet long. We take care of all the rest!

Q: Where will Canada Wedding DJ’S travel for events?

A: We host anywhere in Canada and are located in Toronto, Ontario.

Q:  What type of lighting do you have?

A: We have a variety of top of the line LED Lighting, Lasers, Custom Gobos, and much more. We also specialize in mood lights, multi-colored lights, strobes, and best of all laser light packages with haze or fog machine. We have detailed YouTube videos of our lighting options to show you exactly how they look! See our Event Production Page for Full Details.

Q: How can I find out if you are available for my event?

A: Contact us by phone 416.856.4446 or e-mail

Q: When should I book my date?

A: It is recommended to book with us as soon as you know your event date. We have limited availability and we book up fast.

Q: Are your DJ’s any good? What are their qualifications?

A: Our primary DJ qualifications:

  • Keep Your Dance-floor Busy
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Extensive Music Knowledge & Crowd Reading
  • Equipment & Technical Knowledge
  • Grace Under Pressure & Always Courteous and Friendly
  • MC when appropriate 

Q: What happens if the DJ that is booked for our event is unable to DJ because of something like a serious illness?

A: If this were to happen, then another DJ from our staff would handle the event. All of our DJ’s on staff are professionally trained to handle any type of event.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: You will have up to 10 days before your deposit will be processed and non-refundable.

Q: How can we see footage of Canada Wedding DJ’s performing?

A: You can view footage of us on our website or YouTube Page, Instagram, or Facebook. You are also invited to see us perform at our 3 weekly public Live Events to see for yourselves!

Q: How long does it take you to set-up and tear-down?

A: It takes us anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half depending on how large the set-up is for the event.

Q: How much music do you have and will you have any song that I want available for my event? Is your music clean?

A:  In today’s advanced digital age we have over 20,000,000 songs and counting at our fingertips, covering all genres and ages. Yes you heard right, twenty million tracks! Music going as far back as the 1930’s as well as today’s newest hits. All of our music is clean and appropriate and the clean versions that you would hear on the radio. We also have original (explicit content) with the cursing not edited, if so requested. We will be able to get any song that you want clean or explicit for your event. We use iTunes digital libraries with back-up hard drives and high quality wav files. if we don’t have a song you request we instantly  download it off iTunes or HQ Stream it through digital record pools that we are members of such as Spotify and Tidal.  Chances are though, we already have your song!

Q: How early do you arrive at an event?

A: We arrive anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours before our start time.

Q: Do you charge to set-up and tear-down?

A: Set-up and tear-down of equipment is free of charge.

Q:  Will Canada Wedding DJ’S contact me prior to the wedding to set-up a final meeting and run through?

A: You will be contacted two weeks prior to the wedding, personally, by telephone. We will set-up a final meeting to go over all the details and bring you a hard copy of our final event itinerary including your requests.

Q:  What does your DJ Agreement look like?

A: Our DJ Contract is conveniently located online for you to see anytime.  See it here:  DJ/Client Agreement Form 

Q: Can you send me a list of references?

A: Absolutely. We can send you a list of references through e-mail by request.  Please fill out our Contact Form to receive your Free Wedding Consultation.

Canada Wedding DJ'S

Mid Reception Birds Eye Pose!




Table Decor by Infinite Vibe Productions



Canada Wedding DJ's

Canada Wedding DJ’s



Booth View – McNeil Wedding 2016


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